what is soursop graviola good for

Scientists are increasingly preoccupied to create in laboratories drugs that can successfully treat cancer without side effects on patients and in nature are numerous beneficial plants that still waiting to be discovered. They generally look for plants or herbs that contain substances that kill the cancer cell, substances that do not have harmful effects on the body and to restore the patient's life expectancy and also to defeat this terrible disease which is called cancer.
Soursop fruit which is called Graviola.
It really is a tropical fruit, soursop (graviola, guanabana, guyabano) is a great healer and also quite cheap. Research in recent decades have clearly shown anti-cancer properties that we have this fruit. However, many people have not had the opportunity to learn about its great benefits.
The first study on this fruit took place in 1996, when he discovered a compound extracted from this fruit, and kills cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.
Another study in 1999 showed that soursop compounds are effective in reducing the activity of cancer cells from the breast or prostate. In 2002, researchers found that this compound could inhibit the activity of liver cancer. Also in 2011, a study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, confirmed its beneficial activities in the fight against breast cancer.
Researchers from the latest study found that this product will benefit both people and animals.
While some seek the kinds of methods to combat this terrible disease, here slowly but surely substance extracted from this fruit will become enemy number one in the fight against cancer. This fruit Graviola is not only a good anti-cancer but is also a good remedy against liver disease, and its leaves if taken properly they can be beneficial in combating other diseases.

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