factors occurrence of breast cancer

Breast cancer or mammary cancer although  is not painful, shows few symptoms, premonitory signs who could "spill the beans" the existence: Skin modified, as an orange peel or with wrinkled, modified nipple, the nipple inversion, nipple sinking, breasts asymmetry, appearance of a nodule in the breast or armpit etc.
Breast cancer is influenced by a number of risk factors:
- Genetic / hereditary factors: it seems that the incidence of breast cancer is higher in the women who have in family, especially arpopiat degree relatives - mother, grandmother - a case of breast cancer. Also genetic studies have revealed the existence of genes that predispose women to breast cancer.
- Traumas of the breasts;
- Repeated biopsies;
- Radiotherapy and breast irradiation;
- Diet high in fat and low in fruits and vegetables;
- Hormonal disorders, especially of sex hormones. It seems that oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer;
- Older age of first child birth etc..

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