graviola soursop

Graviola is an alternative remedy for treating cancer because has properties which have been recognized and used by the natives of the Amazon. Scientifically research of the qualities of this plant have started around 1940 and continues today because the big pharmaceutical companies are interested in the process and to use the properties of this plant Graviola getting the new drugs in treating various diseases but especially cancer .
Demonstrated by various in vitro studies that this herb has anti-carcinogenic effects.
Both the Graviola fruit, as well leaves, bark, seeds possess special qualities for maintaining a healthy body but also for treating various health problems.
Graviola contains many active compounds and chemical substances which have the real healing properties, but the most interesting compounds are natural phytochemicals which are also called annonaceous acetogenins which is the main object of research. Some studies have shown that this compound has the properties to stop the cancer cells. Other studies have shown that it has anti-viral and anti-tumor properties. But the latest research has shown that natural compounds of Graviola fruit can easily inhibit the enzymatic processes which are along the membranes of cancer cells. Also these compounds are toxic for cancer cells but not for healthy cells. Can easily combat the many types of cancer cells such as lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, prostate or the breast, cervix, ovary.
The fruit of Graviola have the antidepressant qualities due to alkaloids present in the fruit.
The treatment of the cancer with Graviola is all time investigated but is already used in the whole world on a large enough scale.

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