graviola leaves

The leaves and buds from graviola have been used by local tribes with many years ago as a natural antibiotic for treating of certain infectious diseases.
Ingredients that are found in Graviola checked, documented, researched are certain phytochemicals which are also called Acetogenine Annonaceous that can be found only in the plant family Annonaceae.
Graviola leaves are used to combat serious infections such as: chemotherapy in prostate adenoma, superior anti-carcinogenic, renal, pancreatic carcinoma, colorectal cancer, liver, testicular, lung, breast, and as a tonic for the immune system.
The researches were focused only on these phyto-chemicals known as the acetogenins Annonaceous and which are found in leaves, stems, buds and seeds.
Following the studies was found that a fairly large amount of stem cell of growth and active ingredient is found in the buds of the plant. This component has a selective toxic effect on cancer cells and tumor.


- antibacterial
- Superior anti-carcinogenic
- anticancer
- anthelmintic
- anticonvulsant
- antifungal
- antidepressant
- antimicrobial
- antiparasitic
- antineoplasmic
- antispasmic
- antitumoral
- astringent
- antiviral
- Cardiac depressant
- cytotoxic
- Reduce heart rate
- hypotensive
- Febrifuge,
- insecticides
- Digestive stimulant
- sedative
- vermifuge
- vasodilator


  1. a very interesting and educational post

  2. I do not know if you can treat cancer with this plant, maybe if it is taken with medicines