Graviola Vita plus capsules

 Graviola Vita plus
 100 capsules of 600 mg
 Graviola (Annona muricata) is a plant native of the Amazonian rainforest and those in Brazil.
Administration : the cure of  Graviola shall be made minimum 3 months
Preventive: 2 capsules / day with 15 min before breakfast
Curative: 2 capsules 3 times / day, with 15 minutes before meals or according to recommendation specialized consultant
Intense (serious cases): - first month: 3 capsules of 3 times / day - from 2 months is reduced the dosage to 2 capsules 3 times / day with 15 min before meals with B17 apricot kernels, each 7 kernel 3 times / day
Traditionally, the leaves and the buds have been used as natural antibiotic by local tribes to treat different infectious diseases.
The active ingredients documented, researched and tested from the Graviola are a group of phytochemicals called Acetogenine Annonaceous which are only found in the plant family Annonaceae.
 Graviola (Annona muricata) has 82 different the Acetogenine chemicals (in 10 distinct types) which offer strong support in chemotherapy.
It is utilized to fight against of serious infections, such as anti-cancerous superior,  the tonic for immune system, cytostatic in prostate adenoma, renal, colo-rectal cancer, the pancreatic carcinoma, hepatic, testicular, mammary and pulmonary.
Dr. Jerry McLaughlin - In many cases the cancer develops resistance to chemoterapy. This phenomenon was observed in colon cancer, cancerous cell succeeds to reject the treatment with the help P-glycoprotein before it is destroyed by the chemotherapy. To make this thing cancer cells need a large quantity of energy. Phytochemicals of this fruit continues the attack on cancerous cells more time, so cancer cells become exhausted of energy but chemotherapeutic effect of Acetogeninelor not is diminishing resulting to the complete destruction of cancer cells. Dr. McLaughlin has a large number of videos published on the internet about his findings about the Graviola.
In 1997 it was discovered that Acetogeninele of the Graviola have a power of 10,000 times higher than the Adriamycin (a chemotherapy medicinal ) and have had excellent cytotoxics effects, resulting in the complete destruction of colon cancer in all the tests carried.
As opposed to Adriamycin, the Graviola has no effect on the healthy cells.
A study performed in 1999 shows that Annoglacynele A and B, a selection of phytochemicals of the Acetogenine have had effect of 1,000 up to 10,000 times more powerful than the Adriamycin, in the breast cancer MCF-7 and very efficient in the pancreatic cancer -Phase 2.
In 2002 been demonstrated the powerful effect cytotoxic of the 6 Acetogenine in the hepatic cancer
In the last studies performed has been demonstrated that many cancer cells that develop resistance to the classical chemotherapy with medicines of synthesis,  are attacked and completely destroyed of phytochemical agents of the Graviola.
The studies of recent medical have discovered that the Graviola has a positive effect very important in raising the degree of immunity in the organism (which can be weakened by a multitude of factors, including the chemotherapy treatments).
In 1976 National Cancer Institute of the U.S. has initiated a study with federal funding. After have been studied over 20 000 of species of plants, the leaves of the Graviola, a plant from the Amazon forest were been shown to have a powerful antitumor effect. The National Cancer Institute has submitted the companies of medicines their studies.
The studies have focused on the phyto-chemicals - called the Annonaceous acetogenins-contained in leaves, buds, seeds and stems.
The plant buds, as it is known contain a large amount of active substance as well as the stem cell of growth.
The published studies have demonstrated the selective toxic effect of extracts of Graviola on the  tumoral cells.
This extract from the Graviola has entered the market as a dietary supplement under the name GRAVIZON. Besides  the cytolytic effect on cancer cells has the multiple effects to maintaining the health (calming, regulating blood pressure, etc.).
Not only has the cytolytic effect on the different types of cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy treatments,  but it seems that it has a "special affinity" to these, remarked a study of a American universities.
Active ingredient:
Extract from the buds and the leaves of Graviola (Annona muricata)
Bottle of 100 capsules
Each dose of 2 capsules contains pure extract Hidroacetonic of the buds and leaves of the Graviola (Annona muricata)
The extract is standardized to contain 5% Acetogenine expressed in Annonacina - 600 mg
Other Ingredients: Vegetable gelatin (capsule)
-antibacterial, anti-cancer superior,  antihelmintic, anticonvulsant, antidepressive, antifungal, antineoplasmic, antimicrobial, antispasmic, antiparasitic, antitumoral, astringent, antiviral, cardiac depressant, reduce heart rate, cytotoxic
febrifuge, hypotensive, insecticide, sedative, digestive stimulant, vasodilator, vermifuge.
 Therapeutic effect:
-destroy cancer cells;
-stops tumor growth;
-triggers apoptosis of cancer cells;
-antiproliferative (increase the NK cell activity - natural killer up to 300%, activates macrophages, induces the synthesis of the nitric oxide);
-activated dendritic cells that modulate immune response primary
-increases ability to adapt of the organism to situations extended stressful by:
* reducing cellular immune depression caused by the excess of cortisol;
* reducing hyperglycemia caused by excessive secretion of adrenaline;
* reduction of enzyme activity ornithine decarboxylase increased in the preneoplastic moods.
-antibacterial activity;
-has effect on the Herpes Simplex;
-is an excellent antiparasitic.
The Phytochemicals effect  with Graviola shall be exercised by at the beginning administration but is in seen in general  time.
For the large majority of the patients, who are in terminal phase of disease,  with Graviola must be administered concomitantly with the treatments others .
 Ingredients per 2 capsules
Every dose of 2 capsules contains extract Hidroacetonic pure of buds and leaves of Graviola (Annona muricata)
The extract is standardized to contain 5% Acetogenine expressed in Annonacina - 600 mg
Excipients: Vegetable gelatin (capsule)
 Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
 Do not administer concomitantly with Coenzyme Q10


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