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A quarter century ago scientists have realized an analysis of seeds from the fruit Soursoup, known as the Graviola, which at that time demonstrated a so amazing potential in the fight against cancer, that within the of the conventional medical community researching was looked with total disbelief, according
Compound 1, one of the five extracts from seeds of Graviola has been discovered to be "selectively cytotoxic for adenocarcinoma cells of colon (HT-29) in which exist of 10,000 times the potency the adriamycin."
Adriamycin is the trade name of doxorubucină chemical agent and is known as the "Red Devil" nickname gained both the through strong red color and terrible side effects threatening the life, which include among others fatal damage of the cardiovascular system.
This dire lack of "selective cytotoxicity," the ability to kill cancer cells and not healthy ones, is what makes Adriamycin so dangerous.
From study in 1996, Graviola fruit was very little studied. There was a study of cell in 1999 who discovered that fruit Soursoup has the activity against prostate cancer and of the breast. Another study conducted in 2002 demonstrated cell fact that the Graviola has the activity against liver cancer, but nor any other analysis has not been equally promising as the original study from 1996.
Then, in 2011, the journal "Nutrition and Cancer" presented a promising research about Graviola fruit and of breast cancer. It was true that the discovery that Graviola extract (GFE) suppress the so-called expression of oncogene (or gene that causes cancer) in cells of breast cancer. Oncogene known as factor receptor of the epidermal growth (EGFR) is commonly over-expressed in breast cancer, and is therefore an ideal target for therapy.
According to scientists' a dietary treatment for 5 weeks with GFE (a diet of 200 mg / kg) has reduced significantly the protein expression of  p-EGFR, EGFR p-ERK in MB-MDA-468 tumors (breast cancer) 6%, 54% and 32.5%, respectively. Overall, the diet with GFE has inhibited growth of tumors by 32% (P <0.01). "
The study authors have concluded that "these data show that food GFE has induced a significant inhibition of growth of MDA-MB-468 cells in vitro and in vivo through a mechanism which involved signaling pathway EGFR / ERK, suggesting that the GFE could have a protective effect against breast cancer for women. "
Given these discoveries it might be a good time for reintroduction of the Graviola fruit in treatments to prevent and / or treat cancer, such as breast and colon cancer.

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  1. I've heard that Graviola extract has great benefits, but did not know he could treat cancer