the fruit of graviola

In the Occident at present make great sensation, Graviola, a original fruit from the Caribbean which has the power to prevent, treat even, it seems, cancer! Rich in vitamin B and C, helps to protect of immunity and the hydration of skin.
Moreover this fruit contains Adriamycin, a cytostatics similar substance, but in  natural form, their administration is considered a very efficient therapy for cancer, but devoid the side effects of classic chemotherapy - malaise, nausea, hair loss.
With  a quarter of century ago scientists have realized an analysis of seeds from the fruit of Soursoup, known as the Graviola, which at that time demonstrated so amazing a potential in regard to the fight against cancer, the conventional  medical community that regarded it with a total disbelief.
The compound 1, one of the five extracts from seeds of Graviola was discovered to be "selectively cytotoxic for the adenocarcinoma cells of the colon (HT-29) there is 10,000 times the potency of adriamycin."
Adriamycin is the trade name of the chemical agent doxorubucin and is known as the "red the Devil" nickname obtained both the due to strong red color as well as the terrible side effects threatening the life , which include among others fatal harm of the cardiovascular system.
This dire lack of the "selective cytotoxicity," the ability to kill cancer cells and not healthy ones, is what makes Adriamycin so dangerous.
From the study of the 1996, the fruit of the Graviola was very little researched. Was there a study of cell in 1999 who discovered that fruit Soursoup has the activity against prostate cancer and the mammary. Another study on the cell conducted in 2002 demonstrated  that Graviola has the activity against liver cancer, but nor any other analysis was not equally promising as the original study of 1996.
Then, in 2011 the magazine "Nutrition and Cancer" presented a promising research about the Graviola fruit and mammary cancer. Researchers have discovered that Graviola extract (GFE) suppress the so-called the expressing of  oncogene  (or gene that causes cancer) within the mammary cancer cell. Oncogene known as the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is commonly over-expressed in mammary cancer, and is therefore an ideal target for therapy.
According to scientists'  a dietary treatment of 5-week  with GFE (a diet of 200 mg / kg) significantly has reduced expressing of protein  of EGFR, p-EGFR and p-ERK in MDA-MB-468 tumors (mammary cancer) 6%, 54% and respectively 32.5%, . Overall, the diet with GFE inhibited tumor growth by 32% (P <0.01). "
Authors of the study have concluded that "those data show that food GFE induced a significant inhibition of the cells growth of MDA-MB-468 in vitro and in vivo through a mechanism which involved the signaling pathway EGFR / ERK, suggesting that the GFE could have a protective effect against breast cancer for women. "
In view of these discoveries maybe it would be the right time for reintroduction of the Graviola fruit in the treatments of prevention and / or treatment of cancer, such as mammary and colon.


  1. I'll try Graviola juice, I'm curious to see what it tastes like

  2. Es verdad que existen muchos estudios científicos que demuestran que la graviola, tiene principios activos que causan la muerte de las células cancerosas. También es verdad que existen muchos intereses encontrados tanto de los que están a favor como los que están en contra. Yo creo que hay que tener muchísimo cuidado, se que es verdad que la graviola es un producto natural y que por ende es inocuo, pero circula también en internet información también bastante convincente que dice que la annonacina presente en la fruta de la graviola podria ser un neurotóxico, y que los habitantes de las regiones tropicales donde crece la planta y la consumen tienen mucha incidencia de la enfermedad de Parkinson. No se hasta que punto puede ser verdad todo eso. No se a quien creerle. Como dije anteriormente es un producto natural y debería ser inocuo. Pero como todo lo que consumimos puede ser perjudicial si se lo consume en exceso. Esa es mi opinión personal