Description: Graviola is a small tree up to 5 meters tall with large leaves glossy, dark-green. Has edible fruit, 15-20 cm, green-yellow, with white flesh and meat. Is encountered in both Americas. All parts of the plant is used by traditional medicine. Fruits are used against parasites and intestinal worms, fever, to increase breast milk and for diarrhea. Crushed seeds are used against parasites, lice and worms. Bark, leaves and roots have calming effects, antispasmodic, hypotensive and calming the nervous system. In Peru uses bark, roots and leaves against diabetes. Brazil is made from tea leaves for liver disease.
Graviola is an evergreen tree in tropical regions of the world. It produces a fruit long, with spiky green that seems to kill cancer cells 10,000 times more effective than powerful chemotherapy drugs without unpleasant side effects and without affecting healthy cells.
Graviola fruit is not just a plant that grows in South America, it is a miraculous natural enemy of cancer in the body, stronger than chemotherapy.
Besides being a natural remedy against cancer Graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial action with bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and against high blood pressure, is used for disorders of depression, the fund stress.
According to Cancer Research UK, the active principle of this plant is sold under the brand name Triamazon. Licensing of this product in Europe, particularly in Britain is not accepted because its healing effects that pose certain difficulty leading manufacturers of medicines for this condition. Graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish and uninspired "Soursop" in English, the fruit is very large and has a sweet-sour core white. White core can be consumed as such or can be used to make drinks or sherbets.
Besides being a cure for cancer, Graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both infections bacterial and fungal infections.
This tree grows wild, deep in the heart of the Amazon and could revolution? Act literally what is the treatment of cancer and increase chances of survival. One of the largest drug manufacturers in America experimented for twenty years. What those tests revealed? Identify active substances and destroy malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer.
Active substances were found to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a drug commonly used in chemotherapy! Moreover, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively kill only cancer cells without harming healthy cells!
We use parts of this plant is fruits. seeds, leaves, bark, and roots.
Properties and its shares principals is: ​​anticancer, antibacterial, anti tumor, reduce heart rate, anti parazitar, hypotensive, vasodilator, anticonvulsant, sedative, antifebril, vermicide, antiviral, digestive.
Properties and stock certificates traditional medicine: antiviral, anti-inflammatory, cardio tonic, digestive, nervous system balance, antifebril, vermicide.
Precautions: reduce heart rate is vasodilator and hypotensive, so pay attention to cardiac. Excessive dosages can cause vomiting and nausea. Do not combine with coenzyme Q10.
Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy, nor by cardiac. Not recommend a long-term use because of the strong antibacterial activity, which may cause the gut flora. Alcohol-based extracts showed no toxicity or side effects to a dosage of 100 mg / kg.


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